Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Is Amy Schumer's 'career' going to be over?

Lately I've been wondering whether I should write about Amy Schumer and how much I dislike her. I haven't wanted to write about her that much, because in that case I'd be obliged to say a lot of very negative things about her.

Nevertheless, it was last week when videos about her 'allegedly' stealing stuff from other comedians went viral. I was pretty surprised, because even though I knew some bad things about her, I didn't know that she was a joke thief too.

I mean, I did know that she used to be an actual thief, who used to shoplift all the time. I knew that her shoplifting habits were so bad and so frequent that she faced serious jail time for her grand larcenies as a young adult.

So knowing that she had a pretty, ahem, shady past, you might be asking, how did she manage to make it big in Hollywood? How is it possible that she became this darling of the mainstream media that she is today?

Could it be that she became famous because she's so talented and because she worked so hard? Did she make it because she finally, after all those years of struggling had her 'lucky break' that she had so earned and so deserved? 

The answer to these questions of course - and not surprisingly - is an obvious no. She didn't make it in the business and she didn't avoid going to prison because she had earned it - but because she had very powerful family connections.

As one might have guessed based on her last name, she is indeed related to the democratic senator from the great state of New York, Chuck Schumer. He is her cousin, which gave her enormous opportunities to beat the system.

It was senator Schumer who reportedly bailed her out and managed to get her charges dropped. It was Chuck who got her out after she had stolen stuff worth almost one hundred thousand dollars and when she could have faced more than ten years in prison.

So knowing this, it shouldn't really come as a surprise that if your uncle can get your felony charges dropped, just about anything is possible. After that it couldn't have been that difficult to get into the show business either.

Let's be clear that she simply doesn't have the talent to succeed in the business on her own. She doesn't look "good enough", she doesn't have an attractive personality, she doesn't have a good delivery and she doesn't know how to write well enough.

Any other normal person who didn't have her connections would probably be in jail at the moment. Absolutely zero per cent of people without her privileged background would be in the business let alone be called 'the queen of comedy' as she is.

In any case, now that she's finally getting some bad publicity, we can only hope that she'll pay for her misdeeds and will be forgotten. As far as I'm concerned, the sooner Amy Schumer's fifteen minutes of fame are going to be over, the better.  

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