Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How much does money mean to you?


If someone gave you ten million bucks, would you quit writing?

I personally don't think I would and I bet most writers wouldn't quit either.

I mean, I'd be set for life and I'd be able to pay more attention to writing scripts.

But what if someone gave you 500 million dollars on one condition - that you could never write again?

I know the question is absurd - but let's speculate. How many writers would quit?

I'd think that almost everyone would take the money and run.

Would I do the same?

I mean, I'm not sure I really care about being rich. Money doesn't necessarily buy happiness.

In many ways I think that writing scripts is the best thing that has happened to me - the best thing that could ever happen. 

So I mean...

But what if you could save the world by never writing again?

Tough call.

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