Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who really created 'Two and a Half Men'?

Oh my, I managed to find this absolute gem from:

You know what's so awesome about this? It seems to confirm the widespread rumor in Hollywood that the real creator of 2 1/2 Men isn't the person or persons that we're being told.

Remember that 'officially' the show is created by Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn. They are the ones that get the big money from the syndication deal, since they are the 'creators'.

The problem here is that according to this official  press release from 2003, the pilot was written by Eric Lapidus. If you write the pilot, then you're basically the creator of the show.

So, how is it possible that the guy who wrote the pilot didn't even get a shared created by credit for Two and a Half Men?

I think someone should ask Chuck Lorre. Since he's probably still reading this blog: Chuck, what's going on in here?


  1. The pilot was written by Eric Lapidus and was with The Tannenbaum Company. Lee brought it to Chuck who did not want to do it. Warner Brothers didn't want Chuck involved because at that time all of his pilots were failures and Peter Roth didn't want him to ruin this one. Tannenbaum got Sheen involved and that's when Lorre became interested. Then they convinced Lapidus to trade his points to get Sheen, promising him a job for the life of the series. After the first season Lapidus was fired and given a small credit, a smaller payday and no points. And that is what happened. The reason I know? I was right there. Lorre is one of the biggest frauds in town and everybody knows it except him. He couldn't write a grocery list if someone else didn't write a first draft.

  2. A really sad story overall and makes me wonder what else I might not know about Chuck Lorre.

  3. He makes a lot of cash for a lot of people and so most of his sick, sadistic behavior is squelched to keep the money train rolling. Thus is the way of Hollywood. He is one of those people who is more than happy to steal, lie and take credit for other peoples work and then convince himself that he's a genius. Truly one of the saddest people I've ever known. And living proof that no amount of money can heal a rotten, ugly soul. Might have been great if his Mommy had loved him. But she didn't and nobody does.