Monday, January 21, 2013

Writing a third Modern Family episode: more storylines.

In my last post I wrote about the storyline involving Mitchell and Claire. I thought it was a great idea, but we still need at least two more storylines. This time let's concentrate on those and hope that we can come up with stuff that makes sense.

This is going to be my third script and since my first two didn't have anything to do with Luke, I thought it would be about time that I'd write a storyline that gives him a chance to do something that's hopefully worthwhile.

So, I did come up with a pretty good idea about Luke, Alex and Haley, but there was a potential problem with the storyline.  What I mean by that is that the episode that aired two weeks ago also had a storyline about Luke getting a girlfriend - a coincidence indeed.

At first I thought that, meh, I have to say goodbye to the whole thing, but since the execution (S4e11) wasn't really good - Luke was uncharacteristically rude in it - I reconsidered and decided that my idea was still decent enough. The writers certainly didn't get it right and let's not forget that the backstory for Luke was missing too.

In my Luke storyline, he is supposed to go on a date, but because he doesn't apparently have much experience, the girls want to have their say too. Alex and Haley will try to help him as best as sisters only can. Of course helping in this case means complicating things and confusing Luke to the point that he doesn't know who he is anymore.

The one special thing about this storyline is that it's supposed to be an homage to one of those classic episodes from 'The Simpsons'. Well, to be more precise, an homage to a classic moment on the show - that you might not remember.

But still, we need at least one more storyline for the episode. One that includes Jay, Cameron, Phil, Gloria and/or Manny. So many possibilities and yet it's not that easy to come up with stuff that would have some kind of a connection to the Mitchell & Claire storyline.

In a way I'm tempted to go for another Fizbo that would involve Phil and Cameron, but I have to make a decision on that once I start writing. I'm also thinking about writing a storyline for Jay & Gloria in which they try to agree on where they should go on their vacation. But those are just possibilities that I'm not so sure of.

Another possibility would be to put Cameron and Jay together and give them a problem that they would have to figure out. Maybe it would have something to do with exercise. Or maybe they'd go to a race track.

In that case this would leave us with Manny, Phil and Gloria. Another episode with Phil/Gloria and sexual innuendo? I'm not sure I want that to happen. I think we have seen enough of that already so perhaps I have to come up with something else.

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