Friday, January 4, 2013

Writing a third Modern Family spec script.

I thought I'd write one more Modern Family script because I don't really have anything meaningful to do at the moment. I haven't figured out all the storylines yet, except for the one that has to do with Claire and Mitchell.

In my opinion one of the most interesting storylines so far has been in episode s01e07, 'En Garde', in which it was revealed that Claire and Mitchell used to be figure skaters (in pairs) when they were kids.

Now, I don't know about you, but I liked Claire and Mitchell bonding so much that I thought it would be nice if we'd be able to revisit that subject matter again.  We haven't seen these two together much after that, have we?

So, in order to make this storyline interesting and relevant, I thought it would be really nice to write in the guy in the picture above, Brian Boitano. Mitchell and Claire were figure skaters, Brian Boitano the olympic gold medalist still is one.

This could be so much fun - and at the same it could be a really serious storyline too. Maybe Boitano actually knew our 'fire & nice' couple 25 years ago.  Perhaps it's time catch up on things and see how life has treated these people.

I think the storyline is almost bound to be funny and relevant because almost everyone knows the South Park song 'What would Brian Boitano do?' I'm sure we could find someone to sing it. Cameron & Mitchell might want to give it a go for example.

But the story could also be down to earth and give the characters more depth. I'm pretty sure our figure skating star would be proud of our environmental lawyer Mitchell and home mom Claire. Perhaps he would feel a bit sad about his own life (for the sake of the story).

As I said, I haven't figured out the other two storylines yet, but this one idea seems so good that I think I have a responsibility to write the script. It almost feels like the idea is too good to be true... 

Anyway, here's the song if you haven't heard or seen it before.

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