Monday, January 25, 2016

Can you predict how well you're going to write?

One of the things that might keep us from writing is the idea or thought that we won't be able to write anything good. We might think that we already 'know' that things aren't going to work out, so why bother at all.

This is a rather common thing that we all tend to suffer from every now and then. We tend to lack confidence in our abilities, so we try to postpone our projects and things that we're supposed to do as much as possible.

I myself tend to have pretty big problems when it comes to getting started, especially when I'm having a bad day. Writing anything feels impossible because I 'know' that I won't write anything good, no matter what.

Instead of paying attention to what's important - that is, usually the writing process - I waste my energy on things that might seem important, but really aren't. I do my best to pay attention to things that keep me from trying.

I think that my ideas aren't strong enough and that I'm just going to fail completely. I think that I should try to come up with another idea because that other idea would carry me through the writing process more easily.

Naturally I think to myself that these thoughts that I currently have are the ones that must be true. How else would I be able to have any talent or anything special to say if I didn't have the ability to judge even myself?

But that's not how it usually goes when it comes to making predictions about yourself or how well you're going to perform based on your thoughts. You simply have to acknowledge that your instincts might be wrong.

In fact, when I look back at the stuff where I thought that my ideas were horribly weak and thought that no way I would write anything good, I was usually wrong. It turns out that most of the time what I wrote was actually important and had meaning behind it.

That's why we shouldn't usually give up writing even when you might think that there's no way you're going to write anything good that day. Don't let your inner critic decide for you what you can and what you can't do.

Instead, just try to start writing, even though you might not feel like doing that at all. Try, because in my opinion there's a pretty big chance that you'll come up with something that will surprise you in a good way.

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