Monday, January 4, 2016

Recapping last year & things that I'll hopefully do this year.

Last year my goal here on my blog was to establish a steady writing routine and publish four articles per month. Those articles would usually have something to do with television writing - or writing in general.

My goal was that if I wouldn't be able to write specs or anything more significant, at least I would be able to keep posting here on my blog. That shouldn't be too much to ask - and in the process I might even provide some good stuff for others to read.

So looking back, I did manage to have a pretty solid writing record last year. In practice that meant that pretty much every week I spent at least two or so days writing and rewriting stuff that would end up being posted here.

Considering that I tried to keep the quality of my articles relatively high, I think it can be said that I managed to be at least somewhat productive. It wasn't that bad of an accomplishment to publish 48 blog posts last year.

Having said that, even though I did write some good articles over the last twelve months, I think I probably should have done more. I should have at least tried to write some scripts, even though I wasn't really that motivated to do that.

When it comes to this upcoming year, I probably have to do something else than to just write these articles. It's not enough to play it safe, even though writing these blog posts isn't always that easy or that simple either.

So what am I going to do this year then if I'm willing to plan something new? Am I finally going to write my first full length movie screenplay or am I perhaps going to write a drama or a comedy spec pilot for television?

I honestly don't know yet, but I feel like it's time to try something new. I feel like I'm in better shape both physically and mentally than I've been in years - so I think it's time to find out again how good I can be as a writer.

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