Thursday, February 25, 2016

'Last Week Tonight' is the best show on tv.

Even though I'm a person who doesn't think that much of the current state of television,  there are still shows that are worthy of your time. There are shows that manage to entertain and make you think at the same time.

At the moment my favorite show on television is probably HBO's 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'. This is a weekly 30 minute comedy / news series that tackles current issues, ranging from anything between politics, economy, sports, environment and religion.

There are numerous reasons why me and others like the show so much. Among other things, the show is well written and researched. It has a good sense of what's funny, what's important and what are the things that matter to us.

Yet, in my opinion, the single biggest reason that the series is so good is because it has a wonderful host in John Oliver. He is simply fantastic when it comes to delivering and presenting the show's material. He is who makes the series what it is.

Oliver is so good because he has a great ability to get the audience involved and care about what's going on. He seems very believable and gives you the impression that nothing's more important than what he's saying.

That the series is that good shouldn't really come as a surprise to most of us. After all, before Last Week Tonight, Oliver worked on the super popular The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and covered for him when it was needed.

His guest stint on Comedy Central's show was so impressive, that it soon became pretty obvious that Oliver deserved his own show. At least in my opinion, he was perhaps even better than Stewart was at his very best. 

Now I'm not in any way saying that he's the only thing that matters on 'Last Week Tonight'. Naturally it also takes a talented writing staff to make the show work as well as it does. They'll write the script, do most of the other things too and make things click.

Yet, as we have seen in the case of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, if you have to settle with a mediocre presenter, you'll get yourself in trouble. Your show won't be as good and as believable as it should or could be.

Fortunately, John Oliver knows what he's doing, which makes 'Last Week Tonight' a genuinely wonderful series. It's funny, informative, entertaining and involving - and at least in my case, leaves me wanting for more.

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