Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It was too difficult to watch 'Difficult People'.

I originally had decided to review 'Difficult People' based on the first six minutes of the pilot. That was all I was able to take before I had to stop watching. I had seen enough to know that this was a really bad show.

Yet, when I started writing this article, I came to the conclusion that I simply didn't know enough about the series. Even though I knew that 'Difficult People' wasn't going to be any good, I had to go back and finish at least two or three episodes.

So I managed to take another look at it and not surprisingly I still can't recommend 'Difficult People' to anyone. As sad as it might be, it's difficult to find a single good thing to say about this show. It's as if there are no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Probably the biggest problem I have with the series is that pretty much all the characters on it are completely unrelatable. There are no reasons why anyone would find them likable or anything. These people are just unbearable.

As the title of the show suggests, the characters are indeed difficult. But they are not difficult because they are talented or hard working. They are difficult just for the sake of being difficult. Unlike what the poster suggests, they do not mean well.

They don't have goals that would make you root for them. They don't have problems that would make you feel for them either. All they have are 'Hollywood' problems that would make most people feel sick in their stomach.

Who really gives a damn about their 'goals' that involve trying to get access to some celebrity stuffed events? Who in all honesty feels for them when the main character's 'problem' is someone in Twitter not appreciating him enough?

Watching this kind of stuff is just painful for anyone who understands drama or comedy at all. That is because there aren't any decent characters, there aren't any plots and there aren't any funny moments either. There's only massive amount of pandering that is just sad.

A series like this simply makes me angry. That is that 'Difficult People' is a superficial show that celebrates the worst aspects of show business. What these characters do and what they want doesn't contribute to our society in any way.

The same unfortunately applies to those in charge of the show too. What were the executives thinking when they greenlit the series? What were they creators thinking when they wrote the script for the pilot? My guess is, probably not much.

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