Sunday, September 6, 2015

Who could trust those crazy critics?

One of things that has been bothering me lately is how critics can be so wrong about certain shows and certain movies that they've been reviewing. It's as if they have somehow lost their minds and have gone off the deep end.

They keep giving perfect or very high scores to movies that I was barely able to even finish. They keep telling us that this and that installment is awesome even though it's obvious to anyone who has a clue that this just isn't the case. 

Here are three examples based on the films and tv shows that I've reviewed recently. Notice how critics absolutely loved an awful movie and an awful show and had a luke warm at best reaction to a quality film that actually made sense. 

1. Trainwreck (pictured above).

Here's a movie that on metacritic has a metascore of 75% and on an 85% fresh rating. Based on this, you'd expect that it would be a pretty funny movie. After all, only 1 critic out of 45 gave it a negative review.

Yet, I wasn't even able to finish the film because it was so unbelievably bad. It went nowhere and had no momentum whatsoever. Clearly the movie was written by someone who had all the connections but not much talent.

When you look at what the general audience had to say about this 'raunchy' movie, they weren't happy either. 40% of the audience gave it a negative review compared to a single professional reviewer who agreed with them. That's pretty amazing.

2. Difficult People.

You wouldn't believe the raves for this Hulu series. Almost 90% of the critics thought that this show is somewhere between good to awesome. One major critic even wrote that the writing on Difficult People is 'hilariously great'.

In reality though, when I watched this series for the first time, I had to give up after six or so minutes because the show was completely unbearable. Unlike what another critic wrote, these characters most certainly weren't 'inherently likable'.

When it comes to people like you and me reviewing the series, it has a negative 70% rating. That should pretty much say it all, because people aren't usually that negative unless there'a a really good reason. In this case, there most certainly is.

3. The Intouchables.  

Here's a French movie that I found to be totally awesome. It made me laugh and cry and it didn't bore me, not once. The film was superbly written, acted and directed. It's easily one of the best movies that I've seen in a long time.

The general audience loved it too. If you go to there's not a single negative review from any of the users. Nobody thought that this was a bad movie - which is nothing sort of a miracle. This happens so rarely.

Yet, the U.S critics did not like this movie. Almost half of the reviews ranged from mixed to negative on metacritic. It has a twenty points lower average score than the horrendous 'Trainwreck' - which in my opinion is simply outrageous.


In conclusion, I know I might have a bit small sample size here, but examples like these tend to show that a lot of the critics are out of touch with reality. I'd like to trust them, but in too many cases I don't think I can do that at all.

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