Friday, September 14, 2018

I watched some random television shows again.

When it comes to my television watching habits, I haven't lately been watching that many tv shows. Even though I have tried to follow my favourite reality shows (The Amazing Race & Survivor), I haven't been watching anything else on a regular basis.

That of course doesn't mean that I haven't had my tv open when I have had free time during the evenings. After all, I tend to channel surf almost every day, in case there happens to be something interesting on that could be worth my time.

In any case, below are three different shows that I managed to watch while I was flipping channels last week. I watched these shows and gave them a chance, even though I more or less knew that I would not enjoy all of them.

So the first show that I watched was an episode of the 'New MacGyver' series. I managed to watch most of episode S2x20, 'Skyscraper - Power', that aired Wednesday night when I  felt tired and was just about go to sleep.

The problem with this particular episode was that it had none of the qualities of the original 'MacGyver' series from the 80s. There wasn't really anything that would make you care about the characters or what happens to them.

After all, the original series was not just a great action show that kept you entertained. It was also a genuinely intelligent series that dealt with all kinds of social and environmental issues that are important and that we should be aware of.

When it comes to this new series, it just doesn't have any of those qualities at all. The episode in which Mac and Jack are trying to save a kid from a skyscraper after the kid gets kidnapped, was pretty bad and bland.

Especially when it came to the episode's pop culture references (Die Hard), I have no idea what the writers were thinking. It was really frustrating to keep hearing dialogue from the Bruce Willis film over and over again.

The second show that I managed to watch is AMC's long running zombie series 'The Walking Dead'. I saw its episode S8E06, 'The King Widow and Rick', when I was watching Fox channel at 2.30 a.m. in the morning last Sunday.

When it comes to this zombie series, I haven't exactly been a regular viewer, even though I have nothing against the show either. I have tried to give the series a chance if I haven't had anything else to do during the weekends.

After all, there's something genuinely fascinating about human beings trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world. The circumstances - in which the society has fallen apart and there's very little hope left - is pretty fascinating in my opinion.

At the same time, when it comes to this particular episode, S8E06 was, as sad as it is, super repetitive and had nothing going for it. It was clear that the writers had no story and that they were just trying to create as much filler as possible.

Especially when it came to the wounded character (Ezekiel), who kept falling down again and again and who told others that he should be left behind again and again, that was not entertainment. Clearly this was an episode that was difficult to finish.

My last example is the sitcom 'Superior Donuts' that aired on CBS from 2017 to 2018 for two seasons. I managed to watch the pilot episode for the comedy series last Saturday, when I kept flipping channels and tried to find something that would entertain me.

When it comes to the series about a donut shop and its employees, I was somewhat positively surprised by it. The series has a simple, down to earth premise, which makes it possible for its characters and storylines to be relatable and likable.

The writing on the show, surprisingly enough, was also solid for a multi-cam (laugh track) comedy series. The pacing in the pilot episode was pretty good and the jokes came naturally of the situations - which I didn't really expect to happen.

Still, the best thing about the show had to do with its acting. Especially when it comes to the comedy veteran Judd Hirsch, it was simply incredible to watch a guy in his eighties (!) have as much as energy as he has here.

In that sense, if you happen to be on a channel that plays this show, you should watch it. You should watch it, because even though 'Superior Donuts' is not a great show, it's still a series that manages to get solid laughs from its premise and its likable characters.

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