Friday, March 30, 2018

'Roseanne's' Season 10 premiere episode.

When it comes to sitcoms on television, it's not exactly a secret that there aren't that many quality shows on tv. Most sitcoms on television simply don't have what it takes to keep us entertained and interested in what's going on.

In reality, most television sitcoms don't work because they aren't based on anything meaningful. Most sitcoms on tv aren't based on situations and characters that we could relate to and that we could find worth following.

In that sense, when I heard that a classic show from the 80s and 90s, 'Roseanne', was coming back for an eight episode revival, I was pretty excited. I was excited that we could get a show on tv that was down to earth and based on reality.

After all, 'Roseanne' as a television sitcom was known for being a series that wasn't afraid of tackling social issues that actually mattered. It was a series that was willing to discuss issues that were important and that people would care about.

So having now seen the first episode of the show's revival, it can be said that 'Roseanne's' season premiere wasn't bad at all. The series clearly has a reason to exist in 2018, even though the premiere wasn't 'perfect' per se.

One of the best things about the new show is that it's still about the Conner family. It's about Dan, Roseanne and the rest of their family trying to get through with their everyday lives and trying to make their ends meet.

On the show, even though all the characters are back and have aged 20 years, things haven't really changed that much for them. They're still struggling economically and it's obvious that they haven't managed to become part of the American dream.

Among other things, the show deals with issues like Dan and Roseanne not being able to afford their medication, Darlene moving back home after losing her job and Becky being so broke that she has decided to become a surrogate mother.

Still, the reason that the show works so well is not just because the series handles these issues and themes. Even though it deals with issues that are relevant, that's not the only reason that Roseanne has been so successful over the years.

In reality, the reason that the series has worked so well is because of the chemistry between the cast members. The acting from talented actors like John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert is so good that you can't help but to admire their authenticity.

After all, without their expertise and their ability to create something magical on the show, there's no chance that 'Roseanne' would have worked so well. There's no chance that without their chemistry, the series would have felt so meaningful.

In that sense, when we think about this season premiere and the upcoming season as a whole, we shouldn't be too worried about some of the problems in the first episode. We shouldn't be too worried about those minor flaws in the story too much.

After all, even though there were some things in the first episode (Trump / Hillary politics) that weren't that well thought out, they weren't that bad. These problems with the writing are not going to hurt the show too much in the upcoming episodes.

In the end, the show is still going to work, because even though there were some thematical flaws in the story, the premise and the characters are still relatable. These likable characters are the ones that are going to keep us watching,

In that sense, even though I was perhaps expecting more, I still can't wait to see the rest of the episodes that are going to air. I can't wait to see them, because even though the series isn't perfect, 'Roseanne' is still better than almost anything on tv at the moment.

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