Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why are most remakes of television shows so bad?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how much I liked watching old television shows like The Love Boat. I wrote about how these classic shows made me feel better about life and managed to put me on a better mood. 

Like so many others, I liked these tv shows because the writers and the producers behind them didn't take their audience for granted. I like that they took their jobs seriously and tried to make sure that we in the audience were entertained.

So when you look at how popular shows like The Love Boat were, it shouldn't surprise anyone that there have been attempts to remake them over the years. There have been multiple attemps to revive many of these popular shows.

Unfortunately, in pretty much every case,  these attempts have been pretty massive failures. Instead of being able to capture the magic of the originals, these new remakes and reboots have been extremely disappointing.

Probably the biggest reason that they have been such big failures is that the producers behind them didn't understood what made the original shows so popular. They didn't pay enough attention to what made these old ones so good in the first place.

Instead of making sure that the remakes respected the premise of the original shows, the producers thought that those things didn't really matter anymore. They thought that anything would go, as long as the title of the series remained the same.

One of the best examples of a bad remake is the attempted reboot of the classic series The Love Boat. This was the revival that happened almost 20 years ago, when networks and producers were starting to run out of original ideas.

When it came to this Love Boat 2.0, it's obvious even based on the opening credits that it didn't work at all. Everything about it felt wrong and made you wonder what on earth the producers and the writers were thinking.

When it comes to the characters on the show, none of them felt friendly or likable compared to the original series. Pretty much all of them were unlikable and had that 'douchy' 90s look, which made you want to punch them in the face.

The way these characters behaved on the ship was simply atrocious. The characters drank on duty, the captain's kid kept telling everyone that he's above the law and nobody seemed to have any sort of integrity on board of the ship.

When it came to the storylines in this remake, that wonderful upbeat feeling that you got from watching the original show was missing too. Everything that you saw on your tv screen felt superficial and pointless.

There was no clear idea of what the storylines and the story arcs were supposed to be about on this new version. There was no humor, romance or uplifting comedy that made it so easy to keep watching the original series.

As a whole, when it came to this new Love Boat, it's safe to say that the producers were simply coasting on the old show's reputation. They were oblivious to what had made the original series so watchable and popular.

In the end, that is the biggest problem with almost all of these remakes and reboots. Those in charge of making them think that they don't have to try that hard and that they don't have to respect the spirit of the original series.

They think that no matter what they are going to do, the new show is likely going to be as solid as the old one was. They assume that everything that they're going to do is going to work and that there is no risk of failure.

Unfortunately for them, that is not how you remake or reboot an entertaining tv show today. You don't recreate a quality series by forgetting what the original was about and what made it work in the first place.

On the contrary, remaking a good series is all about respecting the original premise and its characters. It's about respecting what made the original work and making sure that you understand what the new series should be about.

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