Friday, April 21, 2017

There are so many (bad) shows on television.

When it comes to my television and film watching habits, there's only so much 'entertainment' that I can stomach every day. I can watch only a certain amount of stuff, before I start to feel sick inside and have to turn off my television.

As a person who spends a lot of time writing about tv shows and movies, I'm not someone who likes to watch that much tv. I don't think that spending too much time watching movies or television is a good thing at all.
I thought about this whole thing especially after I stumbled on a site that listed all those current tv shows on networks and cable. This site listed all the shows that had either been renewed or that still had a chance of being renewed.

When I kept clicking and browsing the site, I was more or less shocked to find out that there were actually so many television shows on different channels. I didn't know that there were hundreds of scripted programs that were airing or that had aired this season. 

For example, I had absolutely no idea that there was a drama series called The Blacklist: Redemption. I had never heard about this particular show and was pretty dumbfounded that a series like that was actually out there.

When I went further with my search, I noticed that were tons of other shows too that I hadn't heard about before. These shows even had similar sounding names, like Chicago P.D, Chicago Justice and Chicago Med. 

Altogether, there were about 60+ scripted television programs that were still to be renewed and were waiting for their fates to be decided. Only the biggest hits - like Modern Family and The Amazing Race were locks to return.

When it comes to me not having ever watched any of those drama shows, I can't say that I have that much of an incentive to give them a chance. There's nothing about any of these shows that would make me think that I should watch them.

After all, when you have programs like Chicago PD, Chicago Justice and Chicago Med, you know that they're going to be mass produced junk. There's no way that they would have any real quality to them and that they would have value as entertainment.

In that sense, I shouldn't be that disappointed that I haven't heard about these shows before. I shouldn't feel bad that in my country these programs are prescreened and those in charge have decided against acquiring them.

At the same time, as a writer and a supposed entertainment critic, I really got caught by a surprise here. How on earth does Hollywood find all these writers, actors and directors that are willing to produce all these tv shows?

In the end, none of this changes the fact that we in the audience shouldn't watch that much television. Just because there's an endless supply of tv channels and shows doesn't mean that they're actually worth watching.

On the contrary, the more we watch these uncreative and unimaginative programs that have no value, the worse it is for us. The more we're exposed to bad shows, the worse that is for our mental health and for our well-being.

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