Friday, May 6, 2016

The importance of having good routines in your life.

A couple of months ago, after not being able to do it for some years, I managed to get back to running and exercising again. I managed to start a workout routine that has helped me in getting back in shape again. 

By that I mean that for the last ten weeks or so, every other day I have managed to go at least for an hour long workout. During these exercises I have managed to either run, ride a bike or lift weights to feel better about myself.

This change in my habits has reminded me again how important it is to have these activities in our everyday lives. These good habits and routines have made it a lot more easier to get other things done in life too.

In my opinion, the best thing about routines is that having them makes things happen almost automatically. You don't always have to pay that much attention to what you're doing or worry about whether you'll get things done.

When it comes to running, a lot of the time I went jogging even when I didn't feel like doing that at all. Even when my mind said that I was too tired and that I'd skip the day, my body said that I was going to get things done.

It's not even wrong to say that I had become hooked on exercising and that I had no choice except to get through these workouts. I had to do them, because otherwise I wouldn't have felt good either physically or mentally.

Yet, even though I got addicted on exercising, it's not a bad thing to be dependent on routines like these. Running and exercising are known for all their health benefits and other positive effects that they bring to our lives.

After all, who wouldn't like to go out for a run and feel better about themselves? Who wouldn't like to enjoy some fresh air, clear one's mind and forget many of the negative thoughts that tend to bother us too often.

In any case, when it comes to having routines in our lives, the truth is that we need to have habits that as a whole are good for us. We need to come up with routines and positive addictions that in the long run are beneficial and won't hurt us.

If we're able to come up with these habits, not only do we manage to do good things to ourselves - but in the long run, there's a good chance that we might also help others and make them feel good about their lives too.

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