Saturday, August 1, 2015

The current state of television is not that good.

One of the things that might have kept me from writing scripts lately is that I haven't felt that there's much that I could do with the current shows. I haven't had the feeling that I could write much better scripts than I've already written.

Unfortunately there are no David Kelley shows on tv at the moment. The Big Bang Theory hasn't been funny or relevant in years. Modern Family's writers are not giving their all when it comes to writing stuff, so it's no wonder that I lack motivation a bit.

If I had to become a writer based on the content that is currently on television, I don't think there's much of a chance that I would become one. Most of the stuff on tv doesn't inspire or challenge you to become a better human being.

When you don't have shows on television that are of great quality, it's really difficult to get interested in writing. It's difficult to say that you'd like to be like those writer guys on tv when pretty much none of them are delivering the goods.

This current situation unfortunately isn't good at all. Most of the shows are either completely unwatchable, or at the very least disappointing or underperforming. It's hard to find writers and shows that you could look up to. 

It also doesn't help that the industry and the media keeps hyping up shows that have very little to do with entertaining us or making us smile. They keep giving praise to shows that don't deserve that adulation.

For example, a series called 'Transparent' is now some kind of a front-runner in the comedy series category, even though the series has nothing to do with comedy. There are no jokes, there are no funny moments and yet it is supposed to be a comedy show.

How is any talented person supposed to get interested in writing when things are like this? A show is not a comedy (neither is Orange Is The New Black) just because people say it is one. This is so wrong on so many levels.

Is it too much as to ask that we could have at least some standards when it comes to figuring out what is funny and what is not? It's not supposed to be rocket science, but it seems that some people have completely lost their minds.

In the end, we deserve so much more than what we're currently getting. I don't think we are supposed to settle with shows and writers that aren't good and won't provide us the entertainment that we deserve. 

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