Monday, November 10, 2014

Those crazy people in Hollywood: The Lena Dunham and Chuck Lorre edition.

As I've written here before, I have found it pretty disturbing every time that the Hollywood elite has tried to portray certain people in the industry in a way that makes them seem way more talented and better than they really are. 

The biggest offender is very likely Lena Dunham, who despite her obvious mediocrity and despite her obvious issues is somehow not only "a beautiful mind" but she's also "the voice of a generation" - if you are to believe the entertainment media.

So what happens when it's revealed and suggested that Hollywood's biggest media darling isn't exactly all that? What happens when information emerges that your supposed "beautiful mind" might not be a great person but a sociopath and a sex offender instead? 

This all and more happened last week when it was reported - unfortunately not by the so called liberal media - that Dunham had abused her little sister for more than a decade and that the abuse possibly involved sexual molestation too. 

This news story was pretty shocking. Even though most of us knew based on her show 'Girls' that she's at least a somewhat disturbed person and a narcissist who lives in her nepotistic bubble, who saw that stuff coming? Certainly I didn't.

What makes this whole thing so absurd is that these claims aren't even accusations. Dunham herself wrote about them in her book "Not that kind of girl". What makes it even more absurd is that apparently she thought what she did was not abuse but totally awesome and funny.

So how did the entertainment media respond to this? Salon for example wrote that "there's one thing we know for sure - Lena Dunham did not abuse her sister". Even though she already confessed to doing that.

Other critics wrote that it just can't be true and that they can't wait to give her more awards. This is supposedly just a dumb controversy that people will quickly forget. As if it's just a minor thingy and not really a serious matter. Unbelievable.

I think it's pretty obvious that if you confess to deeds like she did - that is to sexual abuse - there should be consequences. Behavior like that is so unacceptable that you need to be a total cheerleader not to react to it in any way.

So what's going to happen to her? My guess is that her fifteen minutes of fame are going to be over soonish, but you never know. Maybe the people in the media will pretend that these shocking things never happened. I certainly hope that won't be the case.

But that's not all. In my opinion Chuck Lorre managed to possibly one-up even Lena Dunham. Even though this 'story' hasn't been reported at all, in certain ways it might be as embarrassing as what Dunham did. 

In any case, as you might have read, some weeks ago Lorre wrote that he was done with writing his vanity cards (the ones you can see for a split second on his shows). He said that soon he wouldn't be writing them anymore.

So what happened is that like two weeks ago we got to his penultimate vanity card. He wrote about what he had tried to say over the years and he hoped that we would not judge him or something like that. No hard feelings, he said.

Then we got to his final vanity card - and for some reason he had gotten passive-aggressive again. He complained about how we hadn't appreciated his thoughts enough. He was bitter that we "under-appreciated" his writings.

That was pretty weird, because anyone who has ever paid attention to his vanity cards should know that his ramblings were most of the time wildly incoherent. There's absolutely no way anyone with half a brain could appreciate them.

So what happened the week after that? You'll never guess - the guy actually did not stop writing his vanity cards. Despite what he said and what he was supposedly serious about, he continues writing them as if nothing happened! 

Let's be honest here. This is just about the most demented thing I've seen in a long time. It's scary behavior and makes one question what kind of a person Chuck Lorre really is. Based on this only, it's pretty safe to say that he's not exactly the sanest person on the planet.

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