Saturday, September 27, 2014

Can Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory get any worse?

I didn't really know what to expect from this new tv season that begun this week. Nevertheless, I was rather happy that shows like South Park, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory were finally back from their summer breaks.

So, I have now seen all these three shows and only South Park managed to entertain me. Its season premiere "Go Fund Yourself" was pretty funny. I found that the episode actually had something to say. Watching it made me feel pretty good about life.

On the other hand, when it came to shows like The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family, I can't say the same. Truth to be told, I couldn't have been more disappointed. I was just shocked how bad the season premieres for both these shows were.

Modern Family's "The Long Honeymoon", s6e01 especially was an episode that made no sense whatsoever.  It was completely distanced from reality, it was superficial, implausible, and a rehash of what we had already seen.

It's hard to believe how bad it was. Especially because the first episode of the season is supposedly be the episode where the writers deliver. They have just come back from their holidays and are usually fresh full of energy. They were supposed to bring out the best in them.

But no, everything was so unnecessarily over the top that I felt the writer(s) had gone mental. What had Phil the magician bits have to do with this episode?  What was the point with Cameron's ├╝ber obsessive behavior? What was the point with Alex's storyline?

Dear lord was I disappointed. All the characters were so unlikable and they kept repeating the same jokes over and over and over again. Phil with the plums, Manny with the ipad and even Haley with the webcam.  Almost nothing worked.

So Modern Family was really bad, but The Big Bang Theory in all honesty wasn't really any better. It aired two episodes back-to-back, which gave the audience a chance to see a bit more of their favorite series.

Now, I have to say that first episode of the season, "The Locomotive Interruption" wasn't as bad as the second episode, "The Junior Professor Solution". It wasn't any good, though, but at least the writers tried do write in some good jokes. Too bad that the show just doesn't work anymore.

I mean, I didn't have a problem with Penny's new haircut. I don't care about looks. But I did care about / had a problem with her having a new high paying job. Her not aspiring to be an actress anymore is one more reason why this isn't a nerd / geek show anymore.

The real problem with The Big Bang Theory is that it hasn't been any good since they added Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette as regular characters. Once they gave this "gruesome twosome" individual scenes, the show has been getting worse and worse.

This season the scenes have kept getting shorter. There are more and more scenes that go nowhere. The character pairings are awful too: Stuart has moved in with Howard's mother, Raj spends time with his dog, Amy talks on skype in her lab.

Like with Modern Family, the characters on The Big Bang Theory keep getting more and more unlikable. Sheldon has totally gone off the rails. Leonard mopes, Howard acts like a dick and Bernadette is a complete monster. Instead of being uplifting, the show is just nasty in my opinion.

I mean, what was the point with Howard taking Sheldon's class as a student and trying to sabotage him as much as possible? Where was the fun in that? Instead of being chidlike, the episode was totally childish.

In any case, I'm hoping that The Big Bang Theory gets a bit better. I'm pretty sure that at least Modern Family is going to improve as the season progresses. But as a whole, for network comedies this was just a disastrous start.

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