Thursday, September 11, 2014

If your heart is in the right place, almost nothing is off limits.

Yesterday I tried to check the new comedy shows that will premiere this season. As expected, all the new shows will almost certainly be completely lame and unimaginative. They won't take you as an audience member anywhere. They probably won't even try.

None of them will be about anything meaningful. They won't take a stand on any issues, they won't make us care and they won't push the envelope. Watching these shows will likely be complete waste of your precious time.

In any case, this got me thinking about those few current shows that actually manage to make me laugh and sometimes make me think about different kinds of issues. I'm talking about shows that have actual balls.

Specifically this got me thinking about South Park, that will start airing its 18th season in two weeks. This is a show where you can expect anything from it. Anything can happen in South Park's universe - it is a show that isn't afraid to go the distance.

South Park by all accounts is totally "out there". It has gone to places where no other show has ever gone before: Randy Marsh grows huge testicles, the show kills the Kardashians, there was the talking Christmas poo and other wildly outrageous things have happened too.

South Park has been a daring show. Yet, very rarely, if ever have I felt that it has gone too far. I haven't thought that they have objectively speaking crossed the line. They have managed to keep the show, well, almost always funny. thoughtful and most importantly,  relevant.

There are obviously reasons for this: the show's creators are of course very talented. They also take their jobs very seriously. Unlike many others in the industry, they know that they have responsibilities that go far beyond just keeping the show on air.

But more than that, South Park shows how important and crucial it is to have your heart in the right place. I think Trey Parker and Matt Stone have pretty much the best moral compasses in the business, which has helped them to be as successful as they are.

In my opinion that's what in the end it's all about - knowing what's right and saying what needs to be said. As long as you have good intentions and you have the talent to back it up, the chances are that you can get away with practically anything. There's almost nothing you can't do.

In any case, I really hope I'm wrong about this new upcoming television season. I hope these new shows actually manage to surprise me. Nevertheless, as long as we have South Park, there's hope for me as a television viewer.

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