Saturday, November 29, 2014

What are those television critics thinking?

One of the better decisions that one can make in life is to make sure that you don't watch too much television. This is because most shows just aren't worth your time. Most television programs are so bad that nobody should be watching them.

Nevertheless, even though most tv shows do suck, that doesn't mean that there aren't any decent or watchable shows on television. You just need to know what the good shows are and which shows are the ones that you should avoid like the plague.

So knowing this all, you might think that those who could help you are the people who review television shows for living. They would give you the best advice on what shows to watch. After all, they watch television all the time, so they must know what they're talking about.

It seems totally plausible and in theory makes a lot of sense. The reality though is, that television critics are very likely the most unreliable people on this planet when it comes to making honest evaluations about the quality of different tv shows.

But why can't we trust the critics? What makes them so untrustworthy? Are they paid opportunists and cheerleaders who lie for living? Could it be that they aren't really that smart? That is because they usually can't tell right from wrong.

What probably makes me distrust tv critics the most is that they are so wildly clueless about the state of television entertainment. They think that television has never been better. They continuously proclaim that this is the golden age of television™ - even though it isn't.

Here's the reality about television shows: at any given year there aren't usually more than three or four quality shows on tv that are actually worth your time. The rest are more or less garbage that you should avoid at all cost.

During the nineties there were a lot more shows that were pretty decent. But today things are much, much worse - and yet the television critics won't admit that. In their minds just about every single television show is totally awesome.

I mean, for example, look at this daily chart that I copy-pasted from This is one of the biggest sites on internet that does professional reviews of television shows. Just look at it, the chart consists mostly of 'A'-grades!

What are these people thinking?  'A' for New Girl, 'B' for Mindy Project, 'A' for The Good Wife and 'A' for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This is pure madness. In my opinion all these shows are incredibly awful, they're hopelessly bad.

There's no way I would ever recommend anyone to watch these shows. There's no way I would ever be able to live with myself if I gave Mindy Project even a 'B'. It's so wrong. Most shows on the list deserve grades between C and F.

You simply can't trust these critics. If you watch these shows, you'll become dumber and you'll get more depressed. You'll learn to become more vain, more superficial and less interested in things that really matter in life.

If you want to get good advice about what shows to watch, there's probably no better source of information than your friends. They usually know what your sensibilities are and what are the shows that you'd like to watch. They might know - critics almost certainly won't.

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