Monday, February 11, 2013

John F. Kennedy died almost 50 years ago (part II)

Last time I wrote about John F. Kennedy, I talked about the upcoming Tom Hanks & Vincent Bugliosi lone gunman Oswald-did-it-project that I thought would never go anywhere.

It turned out that I was mostly right, because one simply can't make a believable case, 'write a good story', about Lee Harvey Oswald killing John F. Kennedy. He didn't do it, so they had to abandon that project.

Instead, what we're going to get later this year is mostly damage control - Tom Hanks & co. trying to save their faces - by making a movie about the events at Parkland hospital that early afternoon.

All this because they simply couldn't admit that they were wrong and that JFK's death was as a result of a conspiracy. They couldn't let it go, so they had to come up with 'Parkland'.

I haven't read the script yet, but I can already imagine how little the movie is going to have to do with reality and truth. There's basically no way they're going to let the facts stand in their way.  What you'll get is lies, omission and distortions - and more lies.

You won't hear anything about how the throat wound was an entry wound. You won't hear anything about how JFK's back of the head was gone - which means that he was shot also from the front and not just from behind.

You also won't hear about the numerous people who took a good look at the limousine outside the hospital - and saw a bullet hole in the windshield - a bullet hole that later 'vanished' but meant that more than three shots were fired.

Furthermore, you won't hear about the real story about that pristine magic bullet CE 399, that was planted by the conspiractors and was found on a stretcher outside the elevators - after the chain of evidence had been broken - right after the stretcher had been left unattended.

All this of course will tell us more than what we want to know about the entertainment industry. These are the people that I think we're supposed to look up to and yet they're going to fail us.

Truth is that they had 50 years to get to the bottom of it and the only guys who stepped up to the plate were Oliver Stone with his masterpiece JFK and Chris Carter with X-Files (to a certain extent).

What were the rest doing? It seems that they were doing nothing. Not that doing nothing is the biggest crime ever, but Tom Hanks & co, what the hell are you thinking? You're supposed to do better than this.

Ps. Coming up later this year, my Boston Legal JFK spec sripts.

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