Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another look at 'Girls'.

So, I thought about writing about Girls, because I haven't really written about the show before in any detail. I thought it might be good time to do it now since I just watched the latest episode that aired.

I have to say that I initially quit watching the show after I saw the first three or four episodes of the first season that aired last year. Those episodes were enough to convince myself not to watch the show anymore.

Nevertheless, once the show won some golden globes, I thought I'd have to give it another shot. Not because I wanted to like the show, but because I wanted to really not like it. The constant hype over the show really bothered me - and still kinda does.

So, I managed to watch episodes from this season and I have to say that the show still is not that interesting or funny. Nevertheless, I don't think it's really that bad. In fact, if you compare it to a show like The Big Bang Theory (r.i.p), I think that Girls is actually a better series. 

I'm not sure you can call it a comedy though. What basically happens on the show is that Lena Dunham gets naked in every episode and that's about it. I mean, yeah, that's about it.

A lot of people have complained  about how they don't like to see Dunham naked. But even though she's not in shape at all, I think I'd rather watch her without clothes than watch some other actresses on some other shows fully dressed. Like Amy Farrah Fowler...

A lot of the performances by actors on the show are pretty weak, the scripts aren't very strong and many of the scenes don't seem natural at all. There's also stuff that makes me roll my eyes, like that Glass-Steagall exchange for example. Nevertheless, that all is kinda okay.

I don't know, perhaps me not being that much against 'Girls' has something do with the fact that Roy from It Crowd guest starred on the show. I think Chris O'Dowd is a wonderful actor, so naturally any show that has him on gets me interested. How can you not like that guy?

But there has to be something else than just that. Maybe despite of all its more or less obvious flaws, there's something honest about Girls. For me it seems that's enough.

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