Monday, October 8, 2012

Olympic Games, Emmy Awards and doping.

I know that we had the Olympic Games in London two months ago but I guess I could write about it since I haven't seen most of the new shows yet.

In my opinion I think it's suitable to compare Olympic Games to Emmy Awards because in both you're for example trying to be the best. 

In the olympics, you're trying to win a gold medal, or at least trying to get yourself in the top three. At the Emmys, you're trying to win an Emmy, or at least try to get nominated.

If you happen to win an olympic gold medal, by any account you have to be extremely good and talented. Winning any medal or even getting to the finals is very difficult and is a reason to admire or at least to recognize the person in question.

When it comes to the Emmy's, winning usually means that you're good. For example, when David Kelley wins an Emmy, you know it had something to do with quality. Modern Family won this year too, and I guess it won because it was the best comedy out there.

However, being nominated - as in getting to the finals - doesn't mean that much. Even though it should. For example 'Girls' got boatloads of nominations this year, yet the show is not good. You don't make the final eight in the 100 meter dash by being as bad as Girls was.

Of course in sports it's not easy to make it to the finals and the athletes - a lot of them - use performance enhancing drugs. They use them because they make you a better athlete.

However, even though in Hollywood people use drugs, I don't think there are drugs that will make you a better writer. You pretty much have to depend on your talent.  Practice helps, but not as much as people think. You're basically on your own.

It's pretty difficult to cheat in the long run. I don't think there are any frauds among those who have won multiple Emmy awards. Sorkin, Kelley, Brooks and Bochco, for example are all legit. I guess that's a good thing.

But, you know, all that being said, when I watched the olympics I was pretty impressed. I liked what I saw most of the time.

When I watched the Emmys two weeks ago, I didn't find anything that would have really impressed me. It seemed that there's no real competition in the business anymore. Most were happy just to be able to show up.

I don't like that attitude at all myself.

I personally would like to see some real competition at the Emmys next year. But that would mean that we'd have great shows on tv. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

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