Monday, September 17, 2012

First season of The Newsroom.

I think there are two kinds of opinions about the first season of Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom. A lot of the Democrats like it. Republicans pretty much all hate it.

I think objectively speaking The Newsrom was in some ways good and yet in other ways not that good.

I'll list things that didn't work.  First of all, the relationship drama was not interesting at all. I couldn't even follow what was going on. The characters talked too fast and basically had only one voice.   

Another thing that didn't work, were those news segments. You have a show about the newsroom and yet those 'live news parts' didn't work. Instead of showing us, The Newsroom told us over and over again.

These things bothered me so much that I almost quit watching after three or four episodes. Almost.

Thankfully, there were parts that worked really well. I think Will McAvoy's transformation from a sell-out newscaster to a fearless truth-teller was really impressive and Jeff Daniels did a superb job playing the character.

I think the best parts of the show were McAvoy's character dealing with situations that happened outside his workplace. For example the opening scene of the series in which he answers to an audience member at a university by telling her that the United States is really not the greatest country on earth.

Scenes like that were really something. They were natural and weren't forced. They told the truth. There weren´t that many of those but each and every one was worth seeing - like Mcavoy confronting a tabloid journalist or him watching tv at home and reacting to a newscaster having 'Bieber-fever'.

I don't think it's really a secret that the media doesn't do its job in the U.S. Therefore it's more than important that somebody tries to call them out on that. I think Sorkin is on a very important mission here, even if the show itself has a lot to improve.

Looking forward to season two.

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