Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ten characters in a sitcom is simply too much.

The critics are saying that "Modern Family" is the best sitcom on tv right now. Critics say that It's better than 30 Rock or The Big Bang Theory.

Now, I have watched maybe like seven or eight episodes and I have found the show to be occasionally funny. I especially liked the second episode "the Bicycle thief".

The problem I have with Modern Family is that when you have ten characters and a twenty-one minute show, it's not possible to cram them all into every single episode and then expect it to miraculously work and make sense.

It's rather weird to watch episodes where you have three storylines and at least one of them has only two beats: the beginning and the end. The middle of the storyline, however, is missing. (at least this is how it seems to me when I watch the show)

That's not good, but it's exactly what happens when you try too hard or haven't figured things out yet. Too many characters in one episode - it really bothers me when storylines are half baked at best.

Also, to be honest I'm not exactly a fan of the faux-documentary style that they use on the show. In my opinion the interviews just pull you out of the story (I  absolutely loathed interviews on The Office too),

But I don't know. Maybe the producers on the show will learn from their mistakes and season two will be better. In my opinion, it's not (at least yet) the best sitcom on tv.

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