Sunday, May 6, 2018

The importance of silence in writing.

When it comes to being a writer, one of the most important things about the craft has to do with your ability to concentrate. As a writer, you have to be able to concentrate on your tasks, so that you could come up with quality stuff on a consistent basis.

After all, the better you are at concentrating on your projects, the more likely it is that you'll succeed in these tasks. The more you're able to control these writing projects, the higher the chances are that you'll be able to write something that has value.

The reason that I'm writing about this is that even though most of us know how important it is to concentrate on your tasks, it's not always that easy to do. Paying attention and being able to focus is a lot more difficult than one might think.

The biggest reason that concentrating can be so hard is that there is so much noise around us. Whether we're talking about workplace environment or simply being at home, there's a good chance that you have things around that distract you.

For example, when it comes to me, I happen to work in an environment where I don't have my own office. I have to do things and write in a place where there are usually like a dozen other people who are trying to do their own things.

Not surprisingly, whenever I have to do stuff that includes creative writing, it's really difficult to write anything that makes sense. No matter how hard I'm trying, I can't manage to write stuff that is consistent and coherent enough.

As unfortunate as it is, in these cases, since I don't really have a choice, I simply have to take my projects from work to my home and continue writing there. I have to do that, because otherwise the quality of my work wouldn't be good enough.

The upside to bringing my projects to home from work is that I'm usually able to write pretty well there. My home is the place where I can write without others bothering me or creating noise that would interrupt my concentration.

After all, this is the place where it's so much easier to relax and to feel at peace as a writer. It's so much easier to be in control of my projects and focus on them, since I don't have to be in the presence of the others anymore.

Of course, just because I'm writing at my home, that doesn't automatically mean that I'm going to deliver stuff that is good enough. I'm not saying that I won't get distracted by the internet or some other things that might take my focus off my work.

At the same time, even though I have my own distractions there too, I'm certainly able to be significantly more consistent at my home. This is where my introverted mind won't get bombarded by all that noise coming from the outside world.

In that sense, when it comes to being able to concentrate and create something as a writer, it's pretty obvious that it matters where you work. It makes a huge difference whether you're working in a chaotic environment or in a place where you feel safe.

After all, the more distractions and the more hectic the environment that your workplace has, the harder it becomes to come up with quality stuff. The more chaotic your work environment is, the harder it is to create anything that works.

In that sense, considering all things, it's clear that even though we all know the importance of silence, we should pay more attention to it. We should focus on trying to make sure that we work in an environment where we can focus on what we're doing.

After all, even though there is noise, distraction and stress almost everywhere around us, those things are not good for us. We shouldn't think that being in a chaotic environment is the way to go and that you can thrive in that kind of culture.

On the contrary, if you want to succeed as a writer, you need to be in a place where you get to concentrate. You need to be able to do that, because that's the only way you get to be yourself and how you create stuff that makes sense and that has value.

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