Saturday, November 19, 2016

Why do I like watching animated films so much?

Over the last few months I have managed to watch a lot of animated movies. I have checked many of those recently released animations whenever I have felt lonely and whenever I have felt that I needed to get myself on a better mood.

In most cases, watching these animations has helped to make myself feel a bit happier inside. Most of the time watching these cartoons has made me think that I shouldn't worry about things as much as I usually do.

So when it comes to me and others liking these animations, one of the biggest reasons for this is that these films make us less judgmental. Watching these cartoons lets us forget many of our problems and prejudices in real life.

For example, at least in my case, I'm pretty happy and relieved that I don't always have to watch 'real' people act. For me it's much more relaxing to watch animated characters instead of watching actual human beings all the time.

When I'm watching these films, I don't have to think about how this movie might be a vehicle for this particular actor. I don't have to think or worry about all those superficial things that might interfere with my viewing experience.

Instead, I get to fully pay attention to the characters and to the storylines in these movies. I get to pay attention to the ideas, hoping that the writers and the producers of these films would manage to come up with something good.

Fortunately, in most cases these animations work and are so watchable, because they are more uplifting and more idealistic than live action movies. These animated films are uplifiting, even though they are about things that matter in life.

These movies also work because writers in them try a bit harder than they do with most of the live action films. They try their hardest to make sure that the characters in these animations would be as relatable and as likable as possible.

Let's not forget that when it comes to labor intensive animated films, it simply isn't enough to just write average stuff and be happy with that. You have to try your best because those others working with the movie are also giving their everything.

In the end, the biggest reason that I like watching animated films so much is because they make me feel that I'm a child again. Watching these films makes me feel that almost anything is possible if we just try hard enough and won't give up.

In that sense, I'm really looking forward to watching quality animations in the future too. Especially when it comes to companies like Pixar, I can't wait to see what kind of movies and stories they are going to come up with next.

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