Wednesday, November 9, 2016

There was too much cursing in 'Sausage Party'.

A couple of weeks ago I managed to watch a raunchy animation called 'Sausage Party' with my friend. This was a movie written and voiced by Seth Rogen, who was known for writing movies that were filled with sex jokes and profanities.

Knowing this all, I got curious and wanted to see how well an r-rated animation that had tons of four letter words would work in practice. Could it actually work or would the end result be a total disaster instead?

In any case, after seeing the movie I have to say that the film was a bit smarter than I thought it would be. There were observations in 'Sausage Party' that made me smile and made me think that the writers were pretty clever.

By that I mean that the story about the sausages, buns and other groceries had more potential than I had thought at first. The premise about all these foods not knowing that they would get eaten by humans was actually somewhat solid.

At least in my opinion, the best thing about 'Sausage Party' was that it was a comedy about different races. Different types of groceries represented different kinds of cultures and religions, which made the film surprisingly relevant. 

The animation managed, in my opinion to equally poke fun at the religious, cultural and national stereotypes. Jews, arabs, nazis, african americans, mexicans and indians got all their fair share of ridicule in the film.

For example, who could not find it funny when the jewish bagel talked to the muslim lavash how he totally liked humus? That joke itself, at least in my opinion, made the film worth watching and put me on a good mood. 

In the film, I also liked like how the german sauer kraut wanted to get rid of all the 'juice' at the grocery store. This, again, was a pretty solid observation and I was pretty glad that the movie was able to notice that.

Having said that, there were far too many f-bombs and sex jokes in 'Sausage Party'. Most of them didn't work, even though the african american Mr. Grits repeatedly dropping the 'mothaf*cka' was admittedly hilarious,

For example, I didn't like how in the beginning of the film the f-bomb was being dropped too frequently for no good reason. This constant cursing and sex talk made it difficult to relate to the characters and wasn't really needed.

In the movie, I also didn't like how in the middle of it there was a scene where the villain - if I'm able to remember correctly - raped one of the characters. Clearly that was cringeworthy stuff that we could have lived without.

Furthermore, it certainly didn't help that there was a completely unnecessary group orgy & masturbation scene at the end. This had absolutely nothing to do with the actual story and could have been left out of the final product.  

At least in my opinion, all these examples took away from the movie as a whole and made the viewing experience less enjoyable. In my view, these unnecessary profanities hurt 'Sausage Party' as a film and gave you a reason to dislike it.

In the end, I just wish that the writers would have had more confidence in their story and their characters. If only they had felt that writing relatable characters would be enough and that they didn't have to try that hard.

In that case, not only would have Seth Rogen's 'Sausage Party' been a bit more meaningful and a bit more consistent animation as a whole, but at least in my case, as a film, it would have left a better taste in my mouth too.

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