Saturday, April 2, 2016

Things don't look too good for Modern Family.

When Modern Family's five year reign at the Emmy's ended last October, I couldn't help but to wonder what would happen to the show. I was hoping that perhaps the creator of the series, Steve Levitan would react and work harder on the series now.

After all, clearly he has been the best writer on the show and the person who knows how to make me care about the characters. If only he would get his motivation back so that he would churn some quality scripts again.

Unfortunately, recently it was reported in the news that our talented showrunner was going through a nasty divorce with his wife. This turn of events was something that wasn't expected and honestly made me pretty sad.

I'm obviously disappointed, because I'm very much a family person myself. I don't think there's anything more important in life than being around with people that you can care about and who also care about you.

I'm also disappointed because even though I don't know him personally, through his episodes I've learned to respect his sense of humor. I've learned to respect his ability to write solid scripts that have consistently managed to entertain me.

Having said that, when it comes to his impending divorce, I couldn't help but to notice that the timing of it is pretty unfortunate. At least when it comes to me, I couldn't help but to wonder why it might have happened.

By that I mean that the filing of the papers wasn't that far off from last October's Emmy Awards. It seems almost too much of a coincidence that just two months after his five-year winning streak ended, things went south in his private life.

In his case, I can only hope that the show getting shut out at the Emmys didn't lead to a some sort of a mid-life crisis. I can only hope that the reason his wife went rage mode is not because he pulled a 'John Edwards' on her.

I mean, I might be totally wrong, but it doesn't look that good when your wife of almost 24 years suddenly tries to get a restraining order against you. Clearly something serious must have happened that deeply upset her.

In any case, the whole thing is very unfortunate and doesn't make me feel optimistic about this show's future. Not only is Modern Family's showrunner in trouble now, but in all honesty the series hasn't been delivering lately either.

It's just too bad, but unless those who are in charge of the show get their act together, this series is going be done pretty soon. It would be a shame, because for so many years Modern Family has been the best comedy on tv. 

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