Friday, April 17, 2015

Writers need to be enthusiastic about their craft.

One of the most disappointing things of this year's television programs has been the lack of quality in general. Just about every television show - at least in my opinion - has let us down. Comedy shows especially have been disappointing.

One of the biggest problems that I have had with shows like Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory this season is that the writers have lost their enthusiasm. They don't seem to care enough anymore about providing quality entertainment for us viewers.

It seems that for them it's enough that their shows are on the air. When it comes to educating us and pushing hard in order to create something worthwhile, those aren't really their priorities. It's apparently enough that they're making a buck writing tv.

Even when it comes to making speeches at the Emmys, it's not about stating that they do their very best every day to make us happy. Instead the speeches are mostly about 'at least we're still working'. How exciting is that really?

The truth is that writers should be passionate about their craft and acknowledge that it's pretty much the only thing that really matters. It's about us, the audience - not about them. It's about making the audience feel enthusiasm towards life in general.

Being passionate is really that important. When you're excited and enthusiastic as a writer, it will show. Everybody wins and feels better about just about everything. That enthusiasm is wildly contagious and is also one of the biggest ingredients for being creative.

For example, the single biggest reason that I fell in love with a show like The Big Bang Theory is that it was so obvious that the writers and actors involved loved making the show. There was a huge amount of energy that you couldn't help but to notice.

The scripts were of high quality. There was a good amount of genuine laughs, the characters were likable and you couldn't help but to get excited about the show. The series became must see tv for all those who had a little geek inside them.

Or how about Modern Family then? It used to be such a solid series that usually delivered quality shows week after week, episode after episode.  I genuinely liked everyone involved with the show, which is why I even decided to write specs for that show too.

Nowadays way too many times I just keep looking at my tv during an episode and wonder how these writers can live with themselves. I keep wondering what's going on and can't believe that I'm only halfway through the episode. Nothing happens that makes sense.

It's just too obvious that many of the writers have simply given up when it comes to being genuinely creative. They are not giving us all that they have when it comes to writing quality material. They are not living up to their fullest potential.

I mean, what's really the point in being a paid writer and not trying your hardest? If I happened to be on a show that had the potential to be great, I would be so ashamed if I didn't give my all and everything that I had inside me.

At least that's how I see it. In my opinion the only thing that really matters is how good that final product is - and if the show has potential, that product had better be damn good. Everything else is just nonsense.

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