Friday, April 24, 2015

My Parents Watched 'Veep' And Hated It.

Last week my parents told me that they had just watched a show that was completely atrocious. It was so bad that they could not believe that Yle, our public broadcasting company (like BBC in Britain) had acquired the rights for the show. 

My parents were angry. 'The show made no sense', they said. "We know they don't set the bar very high over there, but still, that was a new low". They asked me whether I had seen the show - to which I said no. I had not seen it because my gut had told me to stay away.

So we're of course talking about the show 'Veep', that had deeply upset my parents. Their reaction was so strong that it made me curious in a weird way. I wanted to check exactly how bad the show was. It had to be really, really bad.

As it happened, another episode of 'Veep' aired yesterday and I forced myself to watch it. Even though it didn't really take more than five minutes to come up with an informed opinion about the show, I spent 28 minutes of my time watching it.

Indeed, it turned out that my parents were completely right. 'Veep' was even worse than I thought it could be. I couldn't come up with a single good thing that I could say about the show. All I could I think was that I'm never going to watch it again.

There are so many things wrong with 'Veep', starting with the bad premise. That is that the premise of the show is about the daily life of the Vice President of the United States - which is totally lame and uninteresting because in general Vice Presidents don't do that much.

There are no stakes. Just like on a show like Parks & Recreation, nothing that is even remotely interesting happens. Everything that happens on the screen is about superficial nonsense that is not connected to the real world at all.

I mean, who really gives a damn that the veep is having a bad day? Or that she doesn't think that the birthday cake looks good enough? Or that her assistants don't worship her enough? These examples are pretty much what the show is about.

The thing that really turns me off is that wasn't able to relate to any of the characters. None of them are likable. The main character - played by Julia-Louise Dreyfus is an abomination. There's absolutely nothing funny about her and she is completely one note.

To make it even worse, the show is full of foul language. Since the series is on HBO, the producers tried to make 'Veep' as edgy as possible by putting in as many F-bombs as possible. The episode that I watched had at least 30 f-words.

That is of course totally pathetic but not really inconsistent when you put things in context. The show as a whole is so empty and so void of actual content that you can barely believe your eyes. It has to be seen in order to be believed.

Nevertheless, all these unfortunate flaws haven't stopped critics from liking the show. For some reason they even happen to think that 'Veep' is an awesome series. They can't stop from raving about the amazing moments on the show - which is just unbelievable.

In the end, I so wish that I could say that Veep is the worst show that I have ever seen on tv. I've seen stuff that is even worse - but the fact that our Finnish BBC bought the rights for this show is honestly mind-boggling.

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