Thursday, December 18, 2014

Modern Family: story logic problems that should have been avoided.

Modern Family hasn't exactly had its best season this fall. Some episodes have turned out to be surprisingly watchable, yet many of the episodes that have aired have left me scratching my head. How can so called professional writers make mistakes that seem so obvious.

For example the episode "Haley's 21st Birthday" that aired last week had some pretty weird timing and logic issues that were pretty hard to overlook. A lot of those who saw the episode went and commented on forums that this and that just didn't make sense.

In any case, the first storyline was about Haley and her birthday. She went celebrating her special day with Claire, Gloria, Cameron and Mitchell. This happened apparently during the evening which is a crucial point concerning the plausibility of the other storyline.

At the same time Phil and Jay were about to buy Haley a birthday gift - a new car that is. They had decided to surprise her, so what else could be a better and a bigger surprise than buying her a beautiful looking vehicle.

The problem with this all of course is that there's no way that a car dealership would be open at that time of the day. I mean, perhaps a single car dealership for a special event might be, but Jay & Phil went to visit another store too. That didn't really make sense.

These two storylines individually speaking weren't that bad, even though they were a bit too easy to predict - especially when it came to Jay's ultimate decision. However, when they intertwined together like it happened on the episode, they just didn't work.

Yet, that was likely not the biggest problem me and others had with these storylines. That is because when Jay & Phil eventually gave her the vehicle, Haley was - if not totally drunk - at least to some extent under the influence of alcohol.

So when she got out of the bar and got on the driver's seat, it was really hard not to cringe and think what kind of an example the show was setting for us. This felt like a major story flaw and simply didn't feel right at all.

Driving under the influence of alcohol simply isn't a laughing matter. It's one of the most reckless acts that you can do as a person. That the writers didn't notice it or at least didn't address the issue in any way was pretty disappointing.

To be honest, problems like these have been pretty rare on Modern Family, but this time it was pretty obvious for almost anyone who watched it. When it comes to logic and what's plausible, perhaps they should have thought about it a bit more. 

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