Sunday, August 17, 2014

Real writers don't pose on the covers of magazines.

One of the things that pisses me off is seeing writers posing on the covers of entertainment magazines. I really don't understand why any decent scriptwriter would do that, because pretty much nothing good can come out of it.

In my opinion, probably the best thing about being a writer is that in most cases you can be both successful and influential and still remain relatively invisible. For example, I don't think most people on the street would recognize David Kelley or Steve Levitan.

There are reasons why writers shouldn't be in the public eye. Like for example almost without exceptions it feeds your ego. As a writer, writing with it - ego - is not a good thing. You're supposed to write with your soul instead.

Nothing feeds your ego like being in the media. The U.S media particularly is extremely vain, shallow and superficial. If you want them or if "they" want you, it probably isn't because you're full of substance and talent.

If an entertainment magazine wants to have you on its cover, it's most likely because you're more or less a fraud as an artist and as a human being. As a writer you should be aware of this unfortunate reality.

Sure, the chances are that they will tell you that you're an interesting or an awesome person and stuff. Or even more absurdly, they might tell you that you have a beautiful mind or that you're the voice of the generation. But please, don't believe it.

For example look at the cover of Hollywood Reporter that has the showrunner of the extremely mediocre Orange Is The New Black, Jenji Kohan on it. If you think that the cover is bearable, wait until you read what's inside. It's a painful and even a disturbing read.

I didn't know anything about her, but after reading the article it became pretty obvious to me that she's not that talented or smart. What's worse, she actually does seem to believe what the media tells her - like that she's an iconoclastic or an original writer.

In all honesty that interview made me pretty mad and depressed. It contains obvious nepotism, all kinds of crude things that were supposed to be funny, denial and extreme superficiliaty that made me feel sick in my stomach. She just isn't that special.

What makes one special as a writer is not being a "disrupter", or being crude and all. If you want to be respected as a writer and as a human being, you need to be kind and truthful and real.

Besides, any self respecting artist should know that the product or whatever you have created should speak for itself and is the only thing that really counts.

In any case, there's no point in being on the cover of a magazine, unless you want to feed your ego instead of your soul. There's just no point in doing that, unless you're a vain and a superficial person.

If you want to get some contrast, watch the 2 hour interview with the uber recluse David Kelley below, and then read that long empty fluff piece about Jenji Kohan. The difference is just unbelievable.

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