Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Harrison Ford on expressing honest emotions and being an artist.

Yesterday while I was randomly watching videos on Youtube, I managed to see this wonderful clip in which Harrison Ford gives an answer to a question during the filming of the television series 'Inside Actors Studio'.

Basically what the person in the audience asks Mr. Ford, is whether being a private person - and yes, Harrison  Ford is a private person - affects the way one performs as an actor.

Does being a private person in real life mean that you won't be open when you're supposed to act and perform? How is it being an artist? Surely a private person must have problems expressing his feelings when it counts.

Anyway, the answer that he gives is just about the best that any (private) person could give to the question. After watching the clip it's no wonder that Harrison Ford happens to be the biggest movie star of all time.

Despite having a rather well known public speaking anxiety, the minute he gets to give an answer to a real question, he starts to shine. He makes it seem so easy.

As a writer I can only agree with what he's saying. Every single time that I'm trying to write something,  I have to be real. I need to write with my heart and basically nothing is off limits.

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