Sunday, June 8, 2014

Modern Family's disappointing season finale.

As I wrote some weeks ago, Modern Family surprised its audience in 5x22 "Message Received" when it for once decided not to be just silly and actually managed to be serious.

Naturally I was hopeful that the season finale episodes would also reflect this change in mood. I thought that Cam and Mitchell's wedding episodes would also be relatively serious too.

Unfortunately this is not what happened at all. The two part season finale in my opinion was super disappointing. It's as if the writers completely lost the characters and the plot.

What made the episode _before_ the two part season finale so good was the conflict between Mitchell and his father Jay. Jay didn't feel comfortable about the upcoming gay wedding, which disappointed Mitch.

But once we got to the finale, all that was basically forgotten. Instead of giving us a proper resolution to the surprising, yet rather understandable conflict, the writers pretty much pretended that it never happened.

When it came to the wedding itself, instead of giving us a nice ceremony to show that gays aren't any less sane or any more weird than those supposedly normal, straight people, what we got was an exercise in flamboyance.

I mean, the very first thing that happened in the finale was Pepper (totally over the top as always) with his partner carrying breakfast to Mitch and Cam's bed. This was just painful to watch and things didn't really get any better. You were not able to relate to any of that.

When it came to the structure of these episodes: considering that this was a two part season finale, one would have thought that they would have come up with solid storylines that would have provided material for two episodes. This is not what happened.

Instead the episodes were too fragmented, way more lacking than your standard Modern Family episode. What's worse, the stuff made no sense, like when Claire and Luke decided to go fishing (like wtf) and got in trouble because they lost their oars...

There were other big problems too. In the second part of the finale, the place were Mitchell and Cam's wedding ceremony is being held changed three times (4 places) in one single episode. I thought that was completely ridiculous and simply unbelievable.

To be honest, I did like the scenes between Haley and Andy. There was also some good stuff going when it came to Jay trying to find a new place for the ceremony. But as a whole, the finale episodes were disappointing - really, really disappointing.

I don't want to sound too negative, but perhaps it's just best to pretend that this season finale never happened.

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