Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stay classy, Chuck Lorre (watched an episode of "Mom").

I just managed to watch Mom - S01E16.

What an episode!

The (un)story begins when our 'likable' main character is bullied by a good looking firefighter at the restaurant.

Repeat after me: "Kick him in the balls".

Instead, she falls for him and they start doing it.


What happens next?

It turns out that the firefighter is a drug addict.


No problemo. Our 'likable' main character doesn't really have an issue with this.


They do it again.


In act two it's revealed that he's not only a drug addict..

..but he also drives the fire truck regularly under the influence of alcohol.

What does our 'likable' main character do about it?

We all know the answer. She has to end the relationship...

For the love of god she has to..

Then she sees again that the fireman has a penis.

They start doing it again.

End credits.

Guess who wrote this masterpiece?

The Emmy legend Chuck Lorre (zero wins).

Stay classy, Chuck. Stay classy.

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