Saturday, January 25, 2014

Without good writers shows are doomed (The Crazy Ones?).

I think it's time to write again about The Crazy Ones, the show that showed a lot promise in its early episodes. I even wrote that it could perhaps be the best sitcom on tv at the moment.

The pilot was pretty well made and I really liked the episode with Josh Groban. There were some other pretty solid episodes too - like for example when Brad Garrett was serious instead of being a doofus.

Now, what happened after these episodes is just about the worst thing that could happen to a show - the storylines started to become too implausible.

What I saw on screen was the exact opposite of what The Crazy Ones, at least in theory, should be about. The show is supposed to be at least somewhat believable, not implausible and vain.

For example, what's the point in making an episode about the employees turning into zombies? It's as if those 'Community' writers invaded the show or something. Yay, zombies..

When it comes to the characters, who wants to see storylines about the hot guy doing the hot secretary? In reality very few want to see that because almost no one can relate to that stuff (and no one should).

I know it's a show about advertising and the whole advertising industry of course is pretty empty and superficial. But that doesn't mean that Crazy Ones itself is supposed to represent their "values".

No. This show could be more. They should go against the expectations. Give us cases that are interesting and give us solutions to problems that are creative and inventive. Something like that.

Please don't give us the nonsense that we already get from ads. Like the hot guy. We relate to him if he's a bit shy or if he's like the moral compass on the show. Not if he's unlikable.

The likable, underdog approach is almost always the right way to go. It just doesn't happen on this show enough. I guess the writers don't know enough about life, or something. That just sucks.

There are so few good shows on air at the moment and considering the fact that this show has an all-star cast, I think we as audience members deserve a bit more than what we're getting.

The Crazy Ones is yet another show on air that proves that there aren't enough good writers in Hollywood. Without good writers every show is in trouble, and this show is in trouble too.

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