Saturday, May 18, 2013

What can we expect from 'The Crazy Ones'?

I don't really know what to think about David Kelley's single camera sitcom The Crazy Ones that just got picked up by CBS.

Yes, Kelley, the 10 time Emmy winner behind shows like Ally Mcbeal and The Practice is going to be in charge of producing a half hour comedy this fall.

The first question that comes to mind is, of course, can this show be any good? Is there any chance that this tv series could provide us quality entertainment?

Naturally, in order to make an educated guess, we have to pay attention to at least three things:

1) what is the premise?
2) who are the characters?
3) what are the storylines about?

The premise: according to a press release, this show is "a father-daughter workplace comedy set in the world of advertising". Not necessarily an original one, we have seen it before (Just Shoot Me).

The characters: The father, apparently a rather 'crazy' Robin Williams playing the ad agency owner. The daughter, the co-owner played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is trying to see that her dad doesn't do anything stupid.

The storylines: let's watch the trailer for this show first:

Looks like the show's first episode is going to be about the father making some kind of a comeback. In that sense I guess he's supposed to be some kind of an underdog. That's always a good thing.

There's also a celebrity cameo by Kelly Clarkson. Seems like an interesting, likable, real person. ('Stronger' is a wonderful song)

However, the important thing to notice is that the first episode is about doing an ad for the hamburger chain Mcdonald's. This tells me that the show is trying to be relevant by having actual existing products and trademarks on the show.

Of course the big question is to what extent you're allowed to criticize these companies and how much you're allowed to make fun of the absurdity known as 'marketing'.

If Crazy Ones can take an honest look at the industry, then I guess it could become a real hit. That is that the show would have something to say about our way of life and how we just keep consuming.

Anyway, let's get back to this show once it airs.

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