Friday, May 10, 2013

How not to write a show: Modern Family episode 4x22.

This was a boo boo that I didn't really expect too see on a show like Modern Family. I'm talking about the episode 4x22 'My Hero'.

I mean, I guess it started okay. We (Cam and Mitch) meet a person who turns out was Mitch's ex-partner. He invites them to a some sort of a fundraiser.

They say yes.

Still good. 'Something's going to happen'. A good way to start telling your story.

But when they get to the event.. turns out that this ex-partner Teddy who we had never heard about before.. a close family friend of the Dunphys.

He's apparently friends even with Alex and Haley.

I was like.. what the..

Everyone in the Dunphy family knows this guy..  .. but I don't.

The last four years I've lived with these people and yet I had no idea this guy existed.

If this character really did exist in the Modern Family universe, we would have seen him already - many many many times.

That makes me wonder..

What else do I not know about my favorite family?

Are there other important characters on this show that I haven't heard about before?

Based on this episode, I guess anything is possible.

I mean, they might even have a kid in the household that we simply haven't seen yet.

Could it be that they're not even a real family?

What if..

Phil is really a space alien?

Obviously this is not how you're supposed to write a show.

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