Sunday, March 5, 2017

HBO's 'Big Little Lies' is a solid drama series.

Lately I have tried to pay a bit more attention to watching television again. Over the last few days I've tried to find out whether there might be anything decent out there that might be worth my time and worth watching.

Naturally, I wasn't having my hopes up, since we're not that close from reaching the end of current tv season. It was probably a bit unrealistic to expect that there would be anything even remotely enjoyable for me to watch.

So knowing this all, I was more than surprised when I noticed that HBO had just started airing a new series on their network. A much anticipated drama series 'Big Little Lies' had just started airing two weeks ago. 

Very likely the biggest reason that the series - based on a best selling novel - was so anticipated is because it has so many famous actors on it. With A-listers like Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley, the expectations were bound to be high.

The other big reason that the show had so much potential is that it's written and produced by my favorite scribe David Kelley. He, as a ten time Emmy winner, is the guy who would likely be able to do the best selling novel justice.

So after having seen the first two episodes that have aired, I have to say that like most critics, I have mostly enjoyed watching the series. In most aspects, 'Big Little Lies' has been well made and is pretty entertaining. 

By that I mean that the series has a solid, relatable premise that it can easily build on. All these three main female characters have their 'big, little' secrets that keep unfolding as the series and the story progresses. 

Among other things, in the first two episodes there's stuff that many of us can relate to. Feelings of inadequacy, problems with kids, being left outside of the group and domestic violence are issues that most of us can identify with.

Later on in the series - as is apparent based on the very first scene of the pilot episode - things are going to get more dramatic. Someone's going to be murdered and the show is going to be about the homicide and why this murder happened.

When it comes to acting on the show, it shouldn't surprise anyone that 'Big Little Lies' is a well acted series. These three A-list Hollywood actresses are giving their everything and making sure that you find their characters believable.

When it comes to how the drama series is written, I also don't have that much to complain about. The storylines written by Kelley have been fairly interesting so far, and the scenes haven't had a forced feel to them.

The only real problem I've had with the show is that those constant jump forwards and those 'talking head' interviews don't really work. They just pull you out of the story and disrupt the flow of the episodes a bit too much.

Still, despite this minor issue with the show, I've been mostly positively surprised by the quality of the series so far. As someone who isn't exactly the biggest fan of relationship dramas, things seem to look relatively good here.

All in all, we can only hope that HBO's 'Big Little Lies' is able to keep its quality high throughout its seven episode run. We can only hope that the show is as good as the hype and the expectations would make us believe.

After all, there simply aren't that many good quality shows on tv at the moment. There aren't enough  shows on television that could inform us, that could entertain us and that could make us care about what's going on.

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