Tuesday, August 9, 2016

You really should be 'making sacrifices' as a writer.

I don't know about you, but at least in my opinion most of the stuff that we see on television isn't really good at all. Most of the so called 'entertainment' that airs on tv deeply disrespects our intelligence as human beings. 

One of the biggest reasons for the lack of quality stuff on television is that writers in Hollywood simply don't try hard enough. They don't really think it's their job to give their all and to push themselves to the edge. 

One of the best - or worst - examples of this kind of behavior comes from a successful writer named Danny Zuker. This person happens to be one of the executive producers and writers on ABC's popular sitcom 'Modern Family'.

As unfortunate as it is, based on his tweet sent on August 1st, he doesn't seem to believe that writers need to try their hardest. He thinks that it's okay to write these half-assed scripts and that you can still be proud of yourself.

As can be seen in the picture above, Zuker attempts to make his joke by saying that just like Trump, he's going to make his 'sacrifice' (wink) too. He's going to faux sacrifice himself by writing a sitcom script that day. 

The problem with this attempt at comedy is that his tweet is a total failure. It's genuinely bad not only because it assumes certainties about Trump, but also because it's completely wrong about how 'easy' it is to write well.

Unlike what Zuker's saying here, writing good stuff really is about making sacrifices in your life. It's genuinely about pushing yourself to the limit and giving your everything when you're trying to write quality material.

Absolutely no one in this world writes good stuff unless they'll take their tasks super seriously. Even the best writers like Trey Parker, David Kelley and Aaron Sorkin need to bring their very best if they want to write something worthwhile.

Yet, for some reason Zuker thinks that writing a script is really 'no biggie' at all. He thinks that you can casually joke about it being a faux sacrifice (haa haa) and think that you're still going to end up smelling like roses.

In the end, this was simply a genuinely horrible tweet from him. There's no way I would have dared to run my mouth like that, especially considering how Modern Family's quality has plummeted over the years.

At least when it comes to me, there's absolutely nothing funny about making jokes about other people's 'sacrifices', especially when you consider that Zuker's own dereliction of duty as a writer couldn't be more obvious.

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