Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice 2012.

The new season of Celebrity Apprentice is on and after seeing the first two episodes, I'm not exactly sure what to think of this. This might become a pretty good season, like the one with Bret Michaels, or this might become a really bad season, like the one with Joan Rivers.

One of the biggest problems I have with the 2012 edition is that there aren't that many strong female contestants. In fact, the only ones that I knew of before are Lisa Lampanelli from those Comedy Central roasts and Tia Carrere. The rest of the women, unfortunately I just haven't heard about them before. So that's a pretty bad sign.

The good thing about this season is that there are pretty famous guys on men's team. For example, Penn Jillette, George Takei, Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall and Lou Ferrigno. In fact, I recognize all of them, since the rest are Michael Andretti, Paul Teutul sr, Dee Snider and Adam Carolla.

After two episodes, it's not that hard to guess who might win the competition. I think just about everyone likes Clay Aiken and Penn Jillette. That's because not only are they both very intelligent and creative, they also seem to be exceptionally nice people.

In Aiken's case, how can you not like a guy who has (besides singing) taught for autistic children? It's hard to think of any other profession that would keep you down to earth like helping disabled kids does. Other than that, Aiken of course is gay, and at least in my book that's a plus.

Penn Jillette is the other person that everyone expects to win. Before this season started, I didn't know anything about him as a person. But then I managed to watch his Apprentice promo on youtube. I just couldn't believe how thoughtful he was and how different his approach is compared to an 'average' or to a 'stereotypical' apprentice contestant.

For example, in that clip he says that doesn't understand people who base their lives on 'winning' and that if he has to hurt another person in order to 'win', he's just not going to do it. He just wants to do good things on the show and that should be enough. This all kinda goes against the premise of the show, so Penn Jillette's down to earth approach makes the show almost a bit tough to watch.

But I'm going to keep watching and I'm looking forward to hearing more gems from Jillette, like the one from the first episode. He said that 'real tough guys are the ones that never let you know they're tough'. That's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard anyone say.

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