Sunday, June 26, 2016

'Shaun The Sheep' is a wonderful movie.

Last week I got curious and I decided to check which movies had managed to get nominated at last year's academy awards. I wanted to find out whether there were any movies that were worth watching and possibly worth my time.

As I kept checking the nominations, I soon noticed the section where best animated movies for the year 2015 were listed. I thought that I should probably give a chance for one of the films that I hadn't managed to see yet.

It didn't take that long before I decided to watch a movie called 'Shaun The Sheep'. This movie about a farmer and his farm animals seemed promising, especially considering how universally positive reviews it had received.

In any case, I managed to see the movie a couple of days ago and it turned out that I liked the film a lot. Even though I did have some doubts about it initially, I was surprised how good the movie as a whole was.

Likely the best thing about 'Shaun The Sheep' is that its story is so well crafted. The plot about the sheep and the farm's dog following their amnesia suffering farmer to the city is really solid and manages to engage the viewer.

The biggest reason that the story works so well is because the film has tons of good ideas that are executed well. These ideas - like the sheep wearing disguises - keep the story moving forward and provide many humorous moments throughout the film.

One of the most intriguing and also challenging things about the movie is that it doesn't contain any spoken dialogue. Except for the occassional gibberish that you hear in the film, all the communication that happens is nonverbal.

Even though one might think that the lack of dialogue would hurt the movie, here it actually works in favor of the film. That is because every single moment in the movie is earned with ideas that make sense.

In 'Shaun The Sheep', the writers manage to rise up to the challenge and manage to come up with all kinds of ideas that keep the audience entertained. Ideas like 'counting sheep' are wonderful and serve as great plot devices.

The story and the movie work so well that you barely even pay attention to this being a claymation film. The stop motion technique works so well in the film because the creators concentrate on things that are essential and needed.

All in all, when it comes to this animated film as a whole, I was really surprised how well 'Shaun The Sheep' was made and how entertaining it was. I didn't expect the movie to be as good and as uplifting as it turned out to be.

In my opinion, there's a lot of observational humor in the film that should appeal to just about everyone out there. I genuinely appreciated the film's solid observations about how our society works and how we as human beings behave.

In the end, I would recommend 'Shaun The Sheep' for anyone who is interested in seeing a movie that has a good story and likable characters. It's a must see animated film for anyone who wants to be entertained and wants to feel better about their lives.

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